Pick a place

La Grand Place

Tina’s challenge this week has created me a little problem, I wouldn’t know which place, of which I’ve visited so far, I could choose.

First I thought of some corner of Spain, but when I read Tina’s text again…

“This week we’re asking you to look a bit farther afield.”

(Ooook, Tina, then I’ll forget Spain)

“Each of us at some point has visited a place that holds special memories.”

The only place, outside of Spain, that, so far, I have visited more than once is Belgium… and I have very good memories of there, I would not tire of returning.

The first thing that comes to mind when I remember Brussels is its beautiful Grand Place. The two times I have been there, we stayed very close to it and it was a real pleasure to visit it by day, by night, even with rain.

It is inevitable to talk about the “Manneken Pis”, a must when one travels to Brussels, although I did not see any charm.

Bruges and Ghent are two lovely cities. Very similar and different at the same time. I felt very comfortable there, especially in Ghent.

Muelle de las hierbas (f/22)

Less well known, but equally beautiful are other places like Mons, Namur…
Belfry / Torre de MonsNamur


I would share with you all the corners of Belgium, but you will allow me to keep the chocolate… for myself.  😉

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9 thoughts on “Pick a place

  1. Nothing can beat tall building architecture in Europe! Though I visited Brussels once, a very short visit. Love the pictures you posted!


  2. Chocolate and lace, chocolate and lace. Beautiful photos. We saw the Mannekin Pis when a group of older boys/young men, were celebrating their graduation, dressed up in formal coats and tails. They were handing out beers to drink and the Mannekin had been rigged to shoot water straight out about 10 feet. Jolly good show, if I’d understood the language.

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