Small Mountain Towns

Rebaño / Flock

Senegüe and some “locals”

I love to walk through the villages of the Pyrenees, some are very touristic, although they try to maintain the rustic air that gives them a special charm, others have resisted the passage of time that seems to have stopped in them, and there are many which could not survive, the construction of reservoirs or the hardness of life in the mountain forced its inhabitants to abandon them and they moved to places where they could live more comfortably.


Lanuza was abandoned when the swamp flooded its fields and some of its homes. Now it is alive again.

La cara de Ainielle / The face of Ainielle

In Ainielle only the walls resist the hardness of the mountain.

Caminito entre la nieve / Path in the snow

Sandiniés. When the snow comes, life gets complicated.


Espierre. After winter, spring always comes, even in small towns

Sallent de Gállego. The corners of these small towns are filled with people in summer.

Ordesa otoñal

Torla.  In autumn the calm returns.

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15 thoughts on “Small Mountain Towns

  1. Beautiful photos of the villages of the Pyrenees, peaceful and picturesque Ana. So wonderful to see this special place by seasons. I loved some of the villages we visited.

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  2. ana – your “angels” in the photos added a nice artsy touch – looking upon down – over – and the bits of flowers – and even snow – gives us that well rounded view too
    and love the
    Sallent de Gállego

    Liked by 1 person

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