What’s Magical to me?

La cajita mágica

Magic dust

I want to believe in Magic!

Any kind, black, white or gray.  And if those don’t exist or I don’t find them, I look for Magic or try to create it anywhere, at any time.

I always wanted to be a witch, my children say I am a bit. I don’t know why they will say it. 😉  Maybe it’s because I find in a minute the clothes, they’ve been looking for “hours”… or because I know when something happens to them, without them having to tell me.  I’m a mother-witch!!!, like most mothers.  🙂

A magical moment for me can be so many things, a ray of light, a smile, a hug, a book, a song, an unexpected thought, a silence, a photograph…

When do I know something is magical? It’s very simple, when my heart starts to vibrate.

I always say that photography seems magical to me and I have a photographer friend who always tells me:

“Photography is not magic, it is chemical or bits”… 

And then I smile and answer…

Bah! It’s magic to me!

Photography thrilled my heart!!!

El mago / The wizard

The Wizard of the colors

Lilly, el hada de los libros

Lilly, the fairy of the books

Olvidado / Forgotten

“Once upon a time there was a book that did not want to be forgotten” The magic of books

Flora y Blanca

The May Queen (my friend Anabel) and The Snow Queen (me).  Magic moments we spent that day, especially as we became queens.  Anabel wrote a beautiful tale about “Fleur” (her) and “White” (me), that we published in our blog “Aventarte”.

To look for magical moments every day is to make them a little happier.

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: What is magical to you?


8 thoughts on “What’s Magical to me?

  1. Wonderful post, Ana! I love your thoughts on magic. Good witches (good mothers) need magic to help us parent our children! I am especially drawn to your image of the pen and ink and the magical sentence there. Beautiful. You and your friend have a wonderful creative friendship. I love that!

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