Sobrellano by Ana V. on

Pantheon chapel of Sobrellano by Ana V. on


Placed in one of the most beautiful coastal city of Cantabria for his fabulous architectural heritage, we find Sobrellano’s Palace and his Chapel-Pantheon.

Both designed by Joan Martorell under the order of the I Marquess of Comillas, the Indian businessman D. Antonio Lopez Lopez.

The Palace and the Chapel-Pantheon are conceived today as an authentic architectural jewel, of Neogothic style that they have of modernist the integration character of all his arts.

The Palace was realized by posteriori to the Chapel-Pantheon and was designed as summer residence of the Marquess and the Royal Family.

The works begin in 1882 and it is inaugurated some years after the death of the I Marquess.

It is very close to the “Capricho de Gaudí“, so there is a beautiful environment and a nice walk.

In front of the Palace you can see the Pontifical University of Comillas.  An impressive building that dominates the town from the west, this is one of Comillas’ most representative structures.


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