San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente de la Barquera by Ana V. on

For me one of the most interesting villages of Cantabria, that even being one of the most touristic, it still maintains the fishing air of old times.  It is a historic villa surrounded by a privileged environment, in the middle of the Natural Park of Oyambre.

Puente de la Maza by Ana V. on

The bridge “El puente de la Maza” from the XV century, with 28 eyes and more than half a kilometer long, allows us to cross the estuary of San Vicente to the entrance of the village .

In its architectural heritage it stands out its Old Town, declared Historic Artistic Complex, among whose most significant buildings is the Castle of the king, of the XIII century, the Tower of the preboste, the hospital of the Conception, as well as the church of Santa Maria de los Angeles.

Despite my mania about people not appearing in my photographs, in such touristic places and in August, I had to adapt to the circumstances if I wanted to take home any photos.   My husband was also “kindly” included in some. 😉

Santuario de la Barquera by Ana V. on

The sanctuary of the Barquera was built during the Middle Ages, the first written references of the construction date from the 15th century.


2 thoughts on “San Vicente de la Barquera

  1. Gorgeous spot, Ana. I can see why you visited. I haven’t traveled to that part of Spain yet, but it looks wonderful. (I feel the same way about my photos–that I stay out of them–but I invariably include my husband in them!)

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