Framing the Shot

Beauty of mural by Ana V. on



“I don’t know your name,
I just know the look with which you tell me”

(Mario Benedetti)


After taking this photograph I tried to find out who she was, but I didn’t get it. The mural is painted in a small square of the city of Huesca, next to the palace of Villahermosa, but I think they have no relation.












This week Amy in Lens-Artist proposes to look for framed photographs and this is what I found in my file.

El paraguas moradoFotografiando bajo la lluvia

Framing with umbrellas

Dentro del castillo / Inside the castleVentana al puente
Framed between walls.
La casa de la Julianeta / Julianeta's house

Bajo el puente / Under the bridgeOr some natural framing.

MuiderslotNiebla y lluvia en Ordesa


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11 thoughts on “Framing the Shot

  1. The mural is intrigue. The arch frames are beautiful especial the night lights and the leave framed image like paintings. I like to try to use umbrella later. I love these selection,and thank you for showing us the beauty of framing, Ana! 🙂

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