“El capricho”

El Capricho de Gaudí by Ana V. on 500px.com

In every corner, in every angle… People!

I found this week’s theme, proposed by Ann-Christine, very interesting “ANGLES“.   She said “The importance of different ways of seeing the same object, thing, person, happening…cannot be overestimated”

This has reminded me of a phrase we use in Spanish

“Everything is according to the color of the crystal with which one looks”

This sentence is based on the text of the poem by Ramón de Campoamor that says:

“And it is that in the traitor world

there is no truth or lie:

everything is according to the color

of the crystal with which one looks”

Hence the importance of being able to have a broader vision and scrutinize each angle.

So taking advantage of my recent trip to Cantabria, I will show you some photos of the beautiful building “El Capricho de Gaudí”, located in the no less beautiful village of Comillas.

When we arrived the building was full of people, as you can see.  So we decided not to pay to enter and we took a tour around the building.


Different angles, different lights, different colors…

In the difference is the interesting.  And of course, Gaudí is a good example of this.

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13 thoughts on ““El capricho”

  1. “Everything is according to the color of the crystal with which one looks” – I will remember that saying. And Gaudí´s “El Capricho” is a lovely example. Many angles in his works too. Gorgeous shots of this tiny building – we visited late in the evening, so my photos are not very good. Thank you!

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    1. It is a pity, how often we forget that we can each have our own crystal and that life has many angles.
      Years ago I also visited this place and then I could not do much either. This time I was lucky
      Thank you, Ann-Christine 🙂


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