Linum Narbonense

Every year I say I’m not going to take any more pictures of flowers when spring comes…

And as my husband when he says he’s going to stop smoking… 😦 I go on and on every year.

Linum is one of my favorites and this caught my attention with its lights and shadows

“Linum narbonense, the perennial flax or blue flax, is a flowering plant in the family Linaceae, native to Europe and similar in appearance to Linum perenne.

Growing to 1–2.5 feet tall and 1 foot wide, the stem terminates in a cyme of about ten clear blue flowers with five petals, 2–2.5 cm in diameter, and the small, narrow grayish green leaves are arranged on the stem in whorls. In early summer it produces teardrops buds. The seed heads are small beige balls.”



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