Can you see it?

Bow down to beauty by Ana V. on

When I looked at this photograph on the computer, I got a big surprise hidden in the bokeh.

Firstly I thought it was an illusion or my imagination…

I’m not sure yet…

May be you could help me…

Above in the left corner…

The Delicate shape of a Dandelion seed!!!


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9 thoughts on “Can you see it?

  1. Simply beautiful! And how did you manage to “bokeh it” over there…? Well done! If you find out the secret, please tell us…it would be great to be able to do it again…but I guess you are happy with once in a lifetime! ♥

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    1. I could tell you that I waited for hours until the seed passed by, lying on the ground, with spectacular lighting and…. 😉
      But it was just luck, I’m afraid!
      Thank you Ann-Christine.


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