Street Art

It’s always interesting to surround ourselves with art and this week Patti invites us to look for it in our streets.

It is difficult to walk through our cities and not find graffiti.   In my opinion, some are true works of art.  What leads someone to decorate a wall, knowing that his work will not last forever, is something that surprises me.

¡Compra! / Buy!

Social criticism in my city Zaragoza

Una pared, una historia / A wall, a story

A little humor in the streets of Brussels (Belgium)


Bowie in the streets of Palm Beach (USA)

Another pleasant surprise for me is when, in the different corners of our cities, large or small sculptures are placed, abstract or realistic, that enrich our streets.

Entre dos fuegos / Crossfire

Next to the beautiful cathedral of León (Spain)


Abstract sculpture, in the background the cathedral of Astorga (Spain)

Hacia el Obelisco / Towards the Obelisk

Serra’s sculpture in Paris (France)

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14 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. All of them true art, Ana. A really great gallery of gorgeous pieces! I must say, I love them all – but was truly stunned by your opener. And I love Astorga Cathedral, which is a masterpiece of its own . (I know, I know – the sculpture is your true motif, but they go so well togehter!)

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