Isla celestial

Symmetry, equilibrium, containment, simplicity, superficiality, horizontality, immobility and levelling.

I really like the theme that Tina has thrown us this week. I love the harmony in my life, although it is not easy to find, neither in photography.  Sometimes it takes hard work to get to it, also in life.

One of my favorite photographers, José B. Ruiz, teaches us in his composing workshops about harmony, among other things and tells us:


Defined as “the maximum expression of beauty” by artists of classical Greece and Rome.  It is a term shared with musical art, as well as in composition of Visual Arts that connotes beauty.  Harmony is a force of expression that provides a pleasant sensation in a work, with a concrete formulation, although there may be gradation toward contrast if the components of each are mixed.  Symmetry is the most basic and enduring property of beauty and has numerous forms of nature, including the human being.  Symmetry has in many cases been synonymous with harmony, although the latter has other attributes:  Unit, roundness, symmetry, equilibrium, containment, predictability, simplicity, superficiality, horizontality, immobility and levelling.

See here his example of harmony in a portrait.

I have tried to find in my photographic file some of these characteristics. I do not know if I have succeeded. What do you think?  Please do not hesitate to contradict me, if any of my images do not seem to fit you with Harmony.

Girasol / Sunflower

Unit, roundness, symmetry, predictability and simplicity

Naturaleza soñada

Roundness, containment and simplicity

Lágrimas otoñales / Autumnal tears

Equilibrium, containment and simplicity

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11 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. A wonderful post Ana, thanks for including the harmony section by Ruiz! Your examples are wonderful – I especially loved the sunflower (a personal favorite for photography).

    Liked by 1 person

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