Toledo, wandering the city

Finally to finish this series of articles about Toledo. Some photographs that I took during different walks around the city.

Its narrow streets

St Martin’s Bridge.

The Covento de San Gil currently houses the parliament of Castilla-La Mancha.

Toledo’s Cathedral is one of the most important places to visit. It is a grand monument built in Gothic style with an obvious French influence.

The Mosque of Cristo de la Luz is the one of the ten that existed in the city during the Moorish period. The edifice was then known as Mezquita Bab-al-Mardum. It is located near an area of the city once called Medina where wealthy Muslims used to live.

The Alcázar is located on the highest part of the city, so it is not a great place to visit to learn about the history and culture of Toledo, it is also worth seeing for its stunning panorama. Alcázar means fortress, and it was built on the city’s highest point for military and strategic benefits.

We really enjoyed our visit to Toledo. Four days give to visit it very well, two of them without stopping to walk its cobblestone streets


9 thoughts on “Toledo, wandering the city

  1. Anvica, these photos are really nice and have your flair (a lot of the photos have treasures through archways and openings – enjoyed seeing Toledo thru your lens.

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  2. My friends and I got a little lost wandering around Toledo, but all the narrow twisty streets are so beautiful that we didn’t really care. The cathedral is such a classic Gothic style!

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