My riverside neighborhood

El Pilar y La Seo

My neighborhood is near the river that crosses my city and I walk around a lot.

Solo / Alone

Sometimes (almost) alone

Multiactividad ribereña

other times (most) surrounded by many people

Traineras en Zaragoza

or seeing the effort of others


In good weather

Tormentoso / Stormy weather

Or stormy

Boira Preta

On foggy days. There is a song of Sinatra…

A foggy day in London [Zaragoza] Town

Had me low and had me down

I viewed the morning with alarm

The British Museum [The Pilar Cathedral] had lost its charm


Los niños con bañador, por favor

In days of flooding

El Ebro de noche / The Ebro at night

At night

Los novios y la noria

During a romantic evening

¿Jugamos al ahorcado? / Want to play hangman?

Ufffs! Want to play hangman?

Misión puentes de Zaragoza

On a bridge

Misión puentes de Zaragoza

or below

Zapatillas / Trainers

Here lies street art… nothing more to add!

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: The neighborhood

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