Pyrenees landscapes

Atardecer en Sabiñánigo


A bit more than one hour from my city it’s my second home in the Pyrenees.  I love the mountains so they are my favorite landscapes.

El cartero de sueños

My husband too enjoy the Pyrenees (Lakes of Sabocos)

En orden / In order

In its white Winter (Portalet)


Full of water in Spring (Saqués)

Canoas en Lanuza / Canoes in Lanuza

In Summer, a lot of things to do (Foratata and Lanuza)

Paseo otoñal / Autumnal walk

Walking in Autumn (Bujaruelo Valley)

Tiro con arco en Sabiñánigo

Much activities throughout the year.   My husband is fond of archery.

Búbal otoñal / Autumnal Bubal

When the reservoirs run dry, more and more often, the treasures of the past appear. (Bubal’s Dam)

Balneario de Panticosa

Old and new coexist, not always in good harmony (Panticosa’s resort)

Santa Elena

And often his beauty leaves me without words.  (Saint Helena)

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