Arguis helado

“Winter is coming…” I love this words

I prefer the cold to the heat… Yes, I know, I live in Spain, the country of Sun.  That’s why when the summer comes I would prefer living in Finland .  😉

La Primavera está llegando / The Spring is arriving

“Flower-power, Spring is in the air…” 

I like when Spring comes and all is transformed into a spectacular display of light and colour. But in my country there is fewer and fewer Spring and Summer begins before…  😦

Sol x Samyang

I hate Summer!!!

Well, maybe I’ve exaggerated just a bit.  I do not like the Summer for the heat, everything else I don’t mind so much.  And in Summer the vacations come … when I try to escape to fresher lands.

Fotos de colores

Autumn, a new beginning full of colors

My favourite one! Love the leaves dancing in a windy day… the sound of the rain… bright colors…  autumnal harmony.   I love taking photos in Autumn, for his magic light and palette of colors.

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