Felices Fiestas

To talk about celebrations on these days is talking about Christmas…

I’m not very Christmassy!  When these dates arrive, the memories of those who are not with us, saddens me.  I also do not like this sensation that in Christmas everything has to be happiness.  Having said that I’m trying to conform and join the majority in this atmosphere of celebration…

Choco Encuentro FeZ 2017

Photographer: Kinojam  –  I am the one of the right corner with Christmas tie 😉

For several years, in my group of photography we celebrate a “Chocoencuentro”, we got together in the Christmas market, sing a Christmas carol, takes some photos and finally, drink hot chocolate with “churros”…Felices y fotográficas fiestas

Choco encuentro 2016

Fezbob navideño

I’m FeZ (Fotógrafo en Zaragoza – Photographer in Zaragoza) even in Christmas…

Posted as part of Lens-Artists Celebrations


4 thoughts on “Celebrations

    1. Come with us next Sunday! We celebrate our “Choco-encuentro 2018”!!! Lots of chocolate, churros and photos! 😘
      Some times I’m happy to be sad…


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