X100 versus Billy

Doing the first tests with Billy,  I took her to the Pyrenees and I went also with the X100, I did not want that “she” was becoming jealous … 😉  Well, also, I thought that it could help me to find the correct exposure and why not, it seemed to me very entertaining to do some comparison.    And I went away with my “girls”…

The images of the X100 have gone on directly from Raw to JPEG, only the interpretation that does Camera Raw of the direct files of the camera, no edition for my part, except the conversion to black and white.

As the roll that it was using for Billy was an Ilford XP2 Super C41 with ISO 400, I applied the same ISO for the X100.

X100 – 23 mm. – f.8 – 1/250 – ISO 400
Billy – 105 mm. – f.11 – 1/100 – Ilford XP2 Super C41 ISO 400

In these images of Lanuza’s marsh, when I shot the X100 I thought more in blacks and to correct later the whites in the developing, it would look much better with a small “touch” in Camera Raw.  So, I think, in this, Billy win.

Billy 105 mm. f.11 1/100 – Ilford XP2 Super C41 ISO 400 ————- X100 23 mm. f.16 1/250 – ISO 400

The focal distance was very different, 23 mm. against 105 mm., nothing to do, though I tried to come closer the maximum.  In that of Foratata mountain, I think, in addition, that I did not shot from the same site, with Billy was not obtaining good angle.  Here, X100 win!!!

Despite significant differences between the cameras I found it an interesting exercise.


3 thoughts on “X100 versus Billy

  1. I was fascinated by your camera comparison. I love my X70, because it’s a big contrast with my Canon 6D. If anything, photographing with the X70 is an introduction to the Fuji mirrorless X-system, and I’m keeping an eye on how Fuji continues to develop the X-line of cameras. And so, I like to see how people use their Fuji X-cameras, like your X100. 🙂

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