These days I am taking part in a workshop of photography and self-esteem and they asked us to take an image with all the things that form a part of our lives.   This image is my life, everything what I like and I love.  That’s me!

From top row, right corner:

  • My family, my boys.
  • Harry Potter’s wand, I love magic!
  • The Neverending Story.  It represent my love for books
  • My Kindle.  More books.
  • Badge of my group of “Fotógraf@s en Zaragoza”
  • My lovely camera Fuji X-100.  My precious!!!
  • My mom’s earrings.  I miss her!
  • Music.  I love music and I love “El Kanka”.
  • My fan and glasses.  My inseparable companions, lately.
  • My smartwacth, that encourages me to move.  It counteracts the effects of the following objects…
  • My computer, tablet and Netflix.
[In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:   Beloved]

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