10x Statice

For some months now, I follow the Ted Forbes’s Youtube channel “The Art of Photography“.   Especially I follow with great interest the series of assignments and I have decided to do the first one, which it’s about variations:

I’ll take that as a kind of project “10 x ‘Something’“.

When I finished to see the video I was at home, sitting on my sofa, I had in front of me a table with a vase of Statice and a I remembered that some days ago I took a photo of this flowers with my little camera X100, so that was my first photo…

Fuji X100 – f/2.0 – 1/15 – ISO 320 – Natural light – without tripod

The rest was made with my Fuji X-T1, I changed the camera because I thought that I would have more possibilities with the zoom 18-55.

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Fuji X-T1 – f/4.0 – 1/15 – ISO 2500 – Natural light without tripod

First lesson:

  1. Think, think, think, please, think before to take the photography (composition, see the lines, frame, lens, light…)
  2. Think, again, about little details (such as clean the dust of the vase…)
  3. It’s not necessary to do the 10 photos in 10 minutes, please, take your time.
  4. I was at home ¿why I didn’t use the tripod or change the lens?  I didn’t think!  (remember first item)


¿Am I glad with the result?

Of course, not, but I enjoyed it.

Of all of them I have chosen the first made with my X100, I like his composition, color, unfocused vase; and the last one because it’s difference and the black and white helps to highlight the small branch without flowers.

Following Ted Forbes’s advice I will print the photos for my first sketchbook but I need a little more time to do it.



3 thoughts on “10x Statice

  1. Estupenda entrada; agradezco el enlace a The Art Of Photography (como fotógrafo aficionado siempre estoy a la caza de nuevos consejos y de nuevos artistas).

    Un abrazo.

    Liked by 1 person

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